Who we are

Introduction to HES from convener Ally MacDonald

As with many great ideas, Home Education Scotland was thought up over a cup of tea with a friend. As someone only four years in to our home education journey, but with many years of experience in the third sector, I was painfully aware that Scotland was lacking a proactive and visible home education charity to support, lobby and inform.

Luckily for the Scottish home education community the Scottish Home Education Forum has been filling the gap left by the lack of an active organisation.

I have been lucky enough to find a group of people who agreed with my thinking and we have put together a fabulous team to form the inaugural board of HES, who I look forward to introducing.

We will initially be working with local authorities to help them improve on issues highlighted in the study Home Truths, written by the Scottish Home Education Forum.

We will also be developing training around home education and lobbying to have this completed by all education professionals and health visitors. In addition, we will be developing a charter mark to highlight organisations working positively and proactively with the home education community.

As the first convener of HES it is my aim to bring home education into the mainstream and make Scotland the best place to home educate.

Our board

Clockwise, from top left: Ally MacDonald (Convener/Trustee), Mark Nixon (Vice-Convener/Trustee), Dawn York (Finance Secretary/Trustee), Janice Pitt (Secretary/Trustee), Lucy Dolan (Trustee), Mairead Murray (Trustee), Margaret Armour (Trustee) and Vida Colvin (Trustee).