Boys help with LA website

Two of the boys working with a graphic artist.

Three home educated sons of one of our trustees were invited by their local authority to visit its graphics department to help create and produce a home education resource webpage for their local council area.

This turned out to be an interesting and fun experience. The boys enjoyed learning how individual computer screens could be connected to give double on-screen workspace for one document. Helping with punctuation and flow, they seemed in their element.

The graphics staff were patient when the boys were comparing and choosing colours for icons. Keen that none of the resources they had gathered for the site were missed out, the boys reminded their mum and the education officer that one had been forgotten.

The boys said it was a good decision to take up the invitation, because they experienced what it felt like to have constructive input to a local authority webpage, and they gained respect for the work involved.

They also appreciate the council’s commitment to building new and respectful relationships with Home Educators.

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